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CIS Mobile Announces altOS on Pixel 4a Smartphones

CIS Mobile announces the availability of altOS on the Pixel 4a smartphone. By combining the latest Pixel hardware and our altOS secure mobility platform, government customers now can protect sensitive data while using the latest high-performance smartphone.

Right to Repair and the Needs of Government

Consumers have little power to change their relationship with the big technology companies. We could debate whether this is healthy, but it’s increasingly clear that many very profitable businesses are based on “monetizing the user”. In the U.S. there is increasing... [Read More]

What’s New at CIS Mobile?

It’s been a hectic few months at CIS Mobile. Along with everyone else, we’ve adapted to a new way of working. Our team has mostly been remote for the past several months, using Slack, web conferencing, and of course, our altOS... [Read More]