The Origins of CIS Mobile and altOS

Origins CIS Mobile & AltOS

The Origins of CIS Mobile and altOS

In early 2019, CIS Mobile purchased the assets of Graphite Software including the altOS secure mobility technology, software source code, associated patents and other intellectual property.  At the same time, CIS Mobile also hired several former Graphite Software employees to join the U.S.-based team. Under the terms of the transaction, Graphite Software ceased to hold any intellectual property rights in the altOS platform or  the ability to license or further develop the altOS platform for any purpose.

CIS Mobile has subsequently focused on developing:

  • The altOS platform to address the security and operational requirements of government mobile users,
  • A U.S. based senior management, software development and product management team, and
  • Its business as a trusted supplier of secure mobility solutions exclusively to government customers in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand (often called the “Five Eyes” alliance).

In the past 2 years CIS Mobile has established and expanded a strong base of government intelligence, military and civilian agency customers.

From the beginning, we made the decision to serve only the Five Eyes customers and not to sell altOS to commercial customers or other governments. We often find opportunities for close collaboration with our customers on features that are specific to their missions. Our customer relationships are built on trust – trust in our staff, in our product, and in our processes to ensure maximum safety for their information and personnel. We can best defend that trust by ensuring that knowledge of the features and platform capabilities is only available to our customers.

This was the right decision for CIS Mobile, and the evidence is in our rapidly expanding customer base.


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